More iPadding

Okay so we coming up to lunch here at the RSC SW Summer Conference and I only have my iPad. Am I missing my laptop?

To be honest no.

I will say typing is a little more challenging depending on the room you are in. makes me realise I might need to get a case that allows me to slope the iPad for easier typing. Or I should have bought my Bluetooth keyboard as well ( though that would have meant more to carry).

It would be nice to have the camera adapter then I could easily upload photographs to the iPad. Having said that I guess I should have set up my Eye-Fi to wirelessly upload pictures to my iPad using the Eye-Fi App, though I am not sure if that is possible. Something to look into for the future.

Osfoora HD is working well as my Twitter client, but I have been using my iPhone to take some photographs and upload them through the iPhone Twitter App.

Working well and showed it off to a fair few people over coffee.

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