So after writing a post about using an iPad at a conference, here I am at the RSC SW Conference in Exeter and I have left my laptop back at home and I have only bought my iPad.

Will it work for the whole day?

Will I be able to use it to make notes, check URLs, Twitter and Blog?

What about wifi? Well I have bought my Google Nexus One with me with it’s portable wifi so hoping that will work if the wifi doesn’t. I also have the iPhone as a backup.

I am not presenting so that is one less thing to worry about, though I can present with the iPad as I have the VGA connector.

It will be interesting, more later…

2 thoughts on “iPadding”

  1. I carried out a similar experiment at ALT-C 2008 at Leeds.
    Attempted the whole conference with only an iPod Touch.
    Had to cheat with a laptop back at the hotel to send some work emails (that’s a Lotus Notes issue really) but found the main problems were lack of flash and java to participate in some of the sessions with online elements or to visit resources that had been mentioned and therefore still an issue for i-Pad I guess. Be interesting to see if this is still an issue for you.
    Screen size was also a pain (or was that my ageing eyes?)

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