Conferences and Events

I have attended many different conferences and events and often get asked to speak, deliver keynotes, or run workshops. This page outlines my expectations and is useful for anyone who wants to invite me to an event.

Where are you?

You can find a list of events and conferences I will be attending or presenting at here.

In addition I have a list of events and conferences that I did attend here.

If you are interested in contacting me about a conference or event, please get in touch.

What you can expect from me?

I will deliver a great keynote or workshop, that will inspire and motivate people who attend.

I will ensure you are kept informed of all details about the talk, and provide any information you need, such as biographical or an abstract. This will be provided in good time, allowing you to promote the keynote or workshop ahead of the event.

I will usually create a tailored talk or workshop, but as you might expect, I often get asked to deliver something similar to what I have delivered before. I will certainly ensure that the session you get is tailored to your audience and your objectives for the event.

I am a professional and keen to ensure that you have a great event. I will be on time to the venue, fully prepared. I will usually attend the whole event and be available for other things such as panel of speakers or chatting with delegates over coffee.

Social Media

I will use Twitter (@jamesclay) both before, during and after the event using any hashtag.


I can, if required write a blog post pre or post conference.

Recording, streaming and sharing

I am happy for you to record or stream my talk and share the slidedeck after the event.

What do I expect from you?

I will work hard to deliver a great session at your event, you can help by understanding the following.


At a minimum I will expect you to cover my travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses for attending your event. Assume you will need to pay the travel costs from my home location in Weston-super-Mare (close to Bristol). If your event is not within walking distance of a railway station or easy access from an airport, then I may need to drive, as a result I will expect to receive 45p a mile and booked car parking space (if appropriate) or good advice on where to park.

I am happy for you to book and pay for the travel and accommodation, but if you expect me to do it, please make it clear how I get the costs refunded.


For virtually all events I expect to be paid to speak. I may waive my fee for non-profit community events, however please let me know up front, it will save time and embarrassment. I have to limit the number of free gigs I can take!

The fee I charge will depend on the type of gig you are asking me to do and the type of organisation you are.


As I usually use Keynote, and will be using a MacBook. I will have all the necessary cables and adapters. I expect you to provide a decent projection system. I do like to use sound and video in my presentations, so having speakers will also be essential.

I prefer to have a microphone, but this isn’t essential for small events and I can speak to a large hall if no audio facilities are available.


Let me know the type of people who will be attending the event, what kind of roles and backgrounds do they have. This will allow me to tailor the talk or workshop to meet their needs.

In addition let me know if there are any other technical considerations I should be aware of, or constraints of any kind.

If you are expecting me to deliver training in web technologies, I will provide a list of sites that we will access in that training session, it is your responsibility to ensure that these are accessible through your network.

Also let me know if there are any additional events you expect me to attend, as well as my talk or workshop.

The more I know, the more I will be able to provide a tailored session for your delegates.

Getting it right

Over the years I have delivered some great workshops and inspiring keynotes. Getting the little details right, allows me to give 100% and provide the best kind of session that you want and were expecting.

If you are interested in contacting me about a conference or event, please get in touch.


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