HP UK pulls Linux from all new netbooks

The Register reports on HP’s pulling of Linux from all new netbooks.

HP has decided UK consumers don’t want Linux-based netbooks. Actually, it appears to believe business buyers don’t want the open-source OS either.

It emerged today that the company will not now be bringing its Mini 1000 netbook to the UK – at least not with Linux on board.

I liked the HP 2133 model and have ordered one to show MoLeNET projects (and my college) the potential of such netbooks in enhancing and enriching learning.

Our experience with the Asus EeePC showed that the fast boot time and reliability of Linux on underpowered netbooks was a real advantage over Windows.

Are the new HP netbooks really fast then?

2 thoughts on “HP UK pulls Linux from all new netbooks”

  1. They aren’t the first.
    A high percentage of netbooks are sold via the cellphone retail network and one of the biggest in the UK, Carphone Warehouse, withdrew all Linux machines last year.
    Microsoft have bought XP back from the dead for netbooks but it adds £50 to the UK retail price of the machines.
    So we are caught between a rock and a hard place as netbooks head for the sub $100 sweet spot there seems to be no valid 0S solution.

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