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I’ve used Wordle a fair few times and it is a very clever way of showing how and which words are been used for a piece of text or a webpage.

Over the weekend I was introduced to Tagxedo which is a similar tool, but has a lot more functionality and you have a lot more control. This is what I created within a minute or two using this blog as the source for the text.

You can change colours, put the words into a shape. You can add multiple sources into the word source. So lots of flexibility.

It is currently in beta, so some of the features will “disappear” unless you upgrade to the “pro” version.

So at this time it is a fun tool that will allow you to create infographics which for some learners will be a great way of showing what a piece of text or website is “talking” about.

Wordle – a new way to look at tags

If you look to the right of this blog post you will see my tag cloud, which is basically a list, with the “importance” of tags (by number of times used) illustrated by the size of the font.

Wordle does something similar but looks very different.

Wordle - a new way to look at tags

Now unlike the tags on the right, the sizes here are not based on my blog, but some other indicator on the web; this is why windows is so large and molenet is so small compared to my own tag cloud.

However Wordle can use your del.icio.us tags, so the size of the tags is relevant to the number of bookmarks you have saved and the tags you have used.

Wordle - a new way to look at tags

It’s all just a bit of fun really, it really needs to be able to use other sites other than del.icio.us and the words need to be links.

Click either Wordle picture for a bigger version, create your own here. Thanks to Helen.