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e-Learning Stuff Podcast #002 – Stuff

This is the second e-Learning Stuff Podcast, Stuff.

e-Learning Stuff Podcast #002 – Stuff

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Web worlds ‘useful’ for children

BBC reports on research into virtual worlds for children.

Virtual worlds can be valuable places where children rehearse what they will do in real life, reveals research.

They are also a “powerful and engaging” alternative to more passive pursuits such as watching TV, said the BBC-sponsored study.

Makes you think about how we can use virtual worlds in FE for learning.

Web worlds \'useful\' for children

Free Virtual World

You’ve heard of Second Life (which I don’t get) now there is MetaPlace!

The BBC is reporting on this new development in virtual worlds (which isn’t quite ready yet).

A free tool that allows anyone to create a virtual world has been launched. Users of Metaplace, as it is known, can build 3D online worlds for PCs or even a mobile phone without any knowledge of complex computer languages.

Read rest of article on BBC News.