Traffic – Weeknote #239 – 29th September 2023

I was supposed to be presenting a Leadership Masterclass, entitled Operationalising your Strategic Vision this week, however due to traffic problems I was late in getting to the office and as a result it was cancelled and rescheduled.

Wrote a blog post about making tea. It wasn’t literally about making tea, but about understanding the foundations, knowledge, and infrastructure that needs to be in place to make a cup of tea.

Those with the foundations, the resources, the skills and capabilities, will be easily able to deliver a solution to what they see as a simple problem. However they may have not realised their journey in getting to that point when they are able to easily make tea. Just telling people to make tea, or showing them how to make tea, often isn’t sufficient, if they lack the foundations and infrastructure to actually make a cup of tea.

Should just add, in case you were curious, I also write posts about coffee.

stove espresso maker
Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Was playing around with HeyGen Labs AI video translation tool. I was quite impressed, so were others that I showed the end result to.

Spent time planning and reviewing objectives for the year ahead.

I have decided to call it a day with what was the Twitter. So no more top tweets of the week. There’s still a blog post there.

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