What no trains! Yes there were trains! – Weeknote #238 – 22nd September 2023

This week, due to engineering work, there were no trains between Weston-super-Mare and Bristol. I also took a day’s leave bizarrely enough to travel on a steam train.

Quite a few meetings were cancelled this week, which I find frustrating.

I spent time this week on preparing a session and designing a presentation for a Leadership Masterclass, entitled Operationalising your Strategic Vision. This is an internal ninety minute online session about strategy and operationalisation of that strategy. Some of that masterclass will be based on this blog post on breakfast.

I also made the decision, rather than record the masterclass, it will be a rather interactive session, which a recording won’t capture.

Instead I will create a new and “proper” recorded video of the session that can then be used.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Attended a pipeline call with a team about their current future work.

I went back through and reviewed sessions I attended at ALT-C. This year they recorded all the sessions, so there is an opportunity to go and watch sessions I missed.

Had a call about a proposed session idea at Digifest 24.

I had to undertake various software and security updates. Took the opportunity to update the iPhone to iOS 17.

Had a short meeting on software licensing.

I have been working on some objectives for the next twelve months.

I have been reflecting on what good is, what it looks like, how would we know, what do we mean by good, how would we define good. How do we know something is good. What are the criteria we are using to base that judgement on?


I have decided to call it a day with what was the Twitter. So no more top tweets of the week. There’s a blog post there. Maybe.

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