Google Plus One

Yesterday Google released their iOS app for Google+ and now those of us with iPhones can interact with Google+ using a native app rather than the mobile web interface.

Alas the new app doesn’t work on the iPod touch or the iPad, no idea if Google have submitted an app for either device, but it does seem limiting to restrict the app just to the iPhone.

I have used the Android App and the iPhone App is very similar in appearance and in many way very similar to the mobile web way of accessing Google+.

In these screen shots you can compare the home screen across the three platforms.

The stream view is pretty similar too.

Of course the main difference between the apps and the mobile web version is that within the apps you can more easily attach photographs to a posting.

The advantage of the Android App over the iOS app is how you can configure it to automatically upload photographs, but I am suspecting that many will see that as a disadvantage. The photographs are uploaded to a private web album and you can turn it off.

At this time I have no idea how and for how long I will be using Google+. For me at this time it has advantages over Twitter in terms of conversations and also advantages over Facebook too.

Download the Google+ App.

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