The concept of the VLE is evolving or being replaced. It makes sense to some to rename the VLE to demonstrate how the VLE is evolving and how it is been used.

The Devolved Learning Environment DLE is a way of taking a VLE and devolving it to the learners who then have more control over the environment, how they use the environment and what they use the environment for. Devolving the learning environment empowers the learner and allows them to take more control over their learning within an institutionally provided learning environment. This is of course different to a PLE, a Personal Learning Environment would not be provided by the institution, whereas the DLE would be. In a VLE such as Moodle devolving the LE to a DLE can be done easily with roles. Moodle doesn’t at a basic level differentiate between users, differentiation can be accommodated with roles.

The Individualised Learning Environment or ILE is when the VLE evolves to meet individual needs, the problem with an institutional VLE is that a common format and process is used for all learners, which assumes that learners are all the same. By designing the institutional VLE to allow for individualisation, creating an ILE, then it creates a more personalised learning environment. There is a need to avoid using the word personalised, as this could cause confusion with the accepted PLE acronym. One option might be to call it a Personalised Individualised Learning Environment, or PILE. However there is a difference between personalised and individualised, so maybe a better acronym would be a IPLE, an Institutional Personalised Learning Environment, though I think there would still be confusion with the PLE.

The Virtualised Individualised Learning Environment VILE is a variation of the ILE. The ILE is dependent on the individual having an individualised learning environment, by

The Individualised Devolved Learning Environment, or IDLE, takes elements of the devolved learning environment and adds a level of individualisation to the institutionally provided devolved learning environment. This allows learners not only to be able to have more control over their learning, but can also create an individualised learning environment. A variation of this is to add extra features for individualisation and as a result we have the Finely Individualised Devolved Delivery Learning Environment FIDDLE.

Adding a level of personalisation to the IDLE gives us the Personalised Individualised Devolved Delivery Learning Environment, or the PIDDLE is taking the concept of both the individualised and devolved institutionally learning environment and adding a layer of personalisation. This creates a very different animal to the bland and vanilla institutional Virtual Learning Environment.

So is your VLE evolving into a PIDDLE?

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