So that’s my presentation….

The other day I did mention my presentation at FOTE10 and said

I still yet to upload my presentation from FOTE10 to the web.


Well at 250Mb it’s a tiny bit large for the average user.

It’s also in Keynote format, so not very accessible for anyone other than a Mac user.

Well not to disappoint, here is the presentation using Slideshare, thanks to ULCC in uploading it.  It was removed, so I uploaded it to my Slideshare account.

I can imagine that this in isolation is not really going to explain why I think the iPad is the future of reading. Also none of the videos work from Slideshare…

The video of my presentation is now online on the main FOTE10 website. This is probably a nice way to see and hear what I said.

Update here is the video from Youtube.

I have also recorded my presentation using an mp3 recorder and that means you can listen to it here if you want to listen to it on an iPod (click the link) or from your computer.

So there is now a few ways to see and hear what I said.

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