Where’s your presentation?

I still yet to upload my presentation from FOTE10 to the web.


Well at 250Mb it’s a tiny bit large for the average user.

It’s also in Keynote format, so not very accessible for anyone other than a Mac user.

Then again I think what’s the point?

Anyone at FOTE10 will know (and the photo above testifies) that my presentation had very few words in it, it was a presentation of images and video. There were more words on the final slide with my contact details than there was in the rest of the entire presentation.

If I uploaded the presentation, without the context and without the “speech” itself then it would be like a nice screensaver.

I do see the value in online presentations, but do feel that a presentation designed for the web is a different animal to one that is used in person.

I have recorded my presentation (as an mp3) and will release that, but that probably stands on it’s own feet better than the slides would on their own.

So you will be able to hear what I say, not necessarily see the slides. I know at some point ULCC will release a video of me presenting, then you can see me, hear me and watch my slides. Though without the Twitter backchannel…

Then again even that is possible nowdays…

So why do we attend events then?


Eventedness, but I leave that to a certain Mr White to explain.

9 thoughts on “Where’s your presentation?”

  1. Couldn’t you just stick it up as a slidecast? That’s what I tend to do with content of a presentation format. Most slides don’t make sense out of context regardless, but with an audio track they tend to.

    I also try to create presentations using different formats that do lend themselves to live presentations & access after the event (Vuvox Collage for example), though possibly a much different experience.

    I don’t attend many/any events in person nowadays; though I do attend some online.

  2. To echo Markuos’s comments above, I think a Slideshare of your presentation would be useful (if only as a superb screensaver!). That, and the associated mp3, would be great, especially to maintain the required context and necessary dynamics often missing from a slideshare minus the dialogue. I rather enjoyed your keynote at FOTE10, and I found it engaging and inspiring.

    Other than that, would you be prepared to allow access to your Keynote via other means? Dropbox, for example?

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