Froyo’ing – These are the droids you are looking for…

Google last week announced the release of Android 2.2.

Unlike other phones I could mention, even though the update was announced my Google Nexus One said “it was up to date”. You have to wait until the phone provider sends out the update.

In my case that’s Google…


Certainly won’t be waiting as long as Motorola Droid users who had to wait six months for 2.1, but still waiting…

Then on Saturday night I noticed a post on Lifehacker.

Want to try out the neat new stuff in Android 2.2, a.k.a. FroYo, but haven’t lucked into an update notification yet? Follow these instructions to download a 2.2 update, install it, and get Flash up and running.

I downloaded the zip file and following these instructions updated my  Nexus One on Sunday morning.

The first thing I wanted to do was try out the Flash player… specifically I wanted to see how BBC iPlayer would perform. My first site was BBC News and I was very pleased with how the live stream of BBC News worked on the Nexus One.

Very similar experience to the EyeTV App on the iPhone, but obviously streaming from the internet and no need for the Mac to be on. I then tried to watch a programme from the archive, the film Brazil as it happens and… well the site asked if I was old enough! And trying to zoom into the checkbox was not particularly easy. However it did work!

As did Doctor Who!

Android 2.2 does off a little more than just allow you to view Flash on the web.

Android now has Exchange support, this is a feature I have found very useful on the iPhone. Despite what you may think of Exchange, it is a service that many organisations and institutions use, so by having support on Android, it allows for Enterprise deployment of phones like the Nexus One.

You can also now use the Flash when shooting video, great for when there is little or no natural light.

The Nexus One with Android 2.2 can now be used as a portable WiFi hotspot. This is something I have been doing for some time with Joikuspot on the Nokia N95 and was one of the main things I missed from the Nexus One, missing it no longer.

This is also something that is missing from the iPhone and technically it would be able to do it…

The key improvement though of 2.2 is improved performance and I certainly have found my Nexus One to be a little more zippy and faster than before.

I would never recommend bypassing the traditional upgrade process, but when the update does come I would recommend upgrading.

7 thoughts on “Froyo’ing – These are the droids you are looking for…”

  1. Hi James

    You mention Nexus One Exchange support – does this now include calender syncing? Although it sounds like a very small thing to base a decision on, this may tip me towards the Nexus One instead of the next gen iphone as I have found this so useful over the past 18 months on my iphone 3G.


  2. Was just about to send the same comment as Martin. my HTC Hero on Orange is still on 1.5, although I have always had exchange support, maybe that was a HTC thing rather than an android thing.

  3. So James. With these updates in 2.2, are you using droid more then iPhone. I believe you own both. Thinking droid is the way forward for me and would like your thoughts (briefly, if u can spare a minute).

    1. Nope, the iPhone is still my first choice of phone.

      Froyo 2.2 though is still an excellent phone OS and is my second choice.

      All phones have their problems. My Google Nexus One decides that every so often that it can’t find the wifi or the 3G network and needs to be rebooted. Sometimes the screen won’t unlock unless you reboot. If you use it for watching video or similar and it gets too hot, then the touchscreen stops working!

      If you have the money, then I would buy the iPhone 4.

      If you don’t then I would get an Android phone with 2.2.

  4. Thanks. I worry about giving up the ‘loveliness’ factor of the iPhone. Maybe droid might be better on desire, or the new desire HD due out this year. Probably will stick with Apple as I have bought apps etc. Contract due up soon but wondering whether to buy outright (£500) and keep cheaper tariff. Wil do the Maths and see.

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