100 ways to use a VLE – #94 Setting a Quiz

Assessment is an important check on learning, have the learners understood what they have learnt and can they apply what they have learnt.

Assessment can take many forms, most require not just time from the learner to complete, but also from the assessor in marking the work. It also takes time for all the “paperwork” related to submitting assessments.

Quizzes are a quick and easy way for learners to check their learning and for assessors to see if the learners have learnt.

Though a VLE can not be used to set and mark all types of quiz it can be used to make life easier for the assessor in maintaining the “paperwork” of certain types of quizzes. Have all the learners done the quiz? What mark did they get?

Quizzes can be configured in many different ways, one attempt, one timed attempt, multiple attempts, unlimited time, etc…

Various types of questions can be undertaken on the VLE, as well as simple multiple choice, you can use matching questions, true false, etc…

The nice thing about the VLE is that for many quizzes it will mark it for you. Excellent saving time and improving learning.

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