Keynoting in the South-West

This morning myself and David Sugden delivered the keynote for day two at the JISC Regional Support Centre South West Summer Conference.


Our keynote was entitled, Cultural Confidence.

We used Activexpression, learner response systems, with the audience to allow them to interact with the keynote.

We also used Ustream to stream a video of the presentation, however flaky wireless meant that we kept losing the stream, however I did also record the presentation using my HD video camera.

I will post the video and the slides later, when I have sufficient bandwidth to upload.

One thought on “Keynoting in the South-West”

  1. Great presentation James – thanks. I really liked the link between question design and the response tool. This doe so much underline the role of the teacher/lecturet in engaging the learner and monitoring progress – not just providing content.

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