Charging gadgets using a magnet

At CES the BBC reports on companies which are demonstrating products which allow you to charge your gadgets just be placing them on a mat.

Magnetic induction could soon spell the end of tangled cables and a frustrating hunt for the gadget’s charger.

As someone who has a fair few gadgets, my office is full of small black chargers of various descriptions. Without my Tesco resealable plastic bags, Dymo labeller, I would be a total mess as more often than not before you know it, your chargers are all tangled up and due to poor labelling on the manufacturers’ part you are not sure if you are holding a charger for a USB hub or an UMPC!

I use resealable plastic bags for each charger, this avoids the entanglement problem, while a Dymo label on each charger gives me a much better idea about what it is for.

The thought of just having a mat to place devices on sounds very appealing.

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  1. I think induction is the plan for the Palm in your last posting. A few years ago I saw a cordless mouse that was powered by induction on it’s own mousemat but it never seemd to catch on.

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