Palm unveils smartphone

Palm, at CES, has unveiled their new smartphone, the Pre.

Palm unveils smartphone

BBC reports

Handheld computing veteran Palm has unveiled its Pre smartphone at CES.

The touchscreen handset runs a web-centric operating system that aims to help people organise and manage their many online contacts and identities.

The device is widely seen as a competitor to rival smartphones such as the iPhone, BlackBerry, N97 and G1.

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One thought on “Palm unveils smartphone”

  1. At last, the return from the masters of things you can put in pockets.

    Actually, my current smartphone is the PalmCentro – easy, stable (ancient) with tons of legacy apps. But anyone serious about smartphones wouldn’t look at as it has no wifi or 3G (you have to pay double for the Palm Treo Pro and it’s Windows!)

    In short, Palm, a company who should have had it all. I’d be interested to see if this puts them back in the 1st division

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