Adobe ConnectNow for online presentations

Delivering content online for a conference or a meeting can sometimes be problematic. As part of the MoLeNET project I have been delivering a fair few online conferences using InstantPresenter. One of the problems I had with this system was that the screen sharing was Windows only (and those who know me know that I use a Mac).

Today Alan Cann (via Seesmic) told me about Adobe ConnectNow which is a way to meet live over the web and share screens, whiteboards, video conference and then some…

Adobe ConnectNow is a great way to share ideas, discuss details, and complete work together — all online. Reduce travel costs, save time, and increase productivity with a web conferencing solution that is easy to access and simple to use.

Adobe ConnectNow for online presentations

The presenter does need to sign up and install a plugin, and the free version allows for three participants. The participants only need to have Flash installed. The full version seems quite expensive, but the quality is really good.

Adobe ConnectNow for online presentations

You can see a demo here (from a Seesmic conversation I was having with Alan about it).

Alas the video is no longer available

Now is this not Macromedia Breeze just reinvented?

5 thoughts on “Adobe ConnectNow for online presentations”

  1. Actually to clarify, this is kind of “Breeze re-invented”. But this is a completely different infrastructure and it seems to support different use cases. It is built using Adobe AIR as its backbone and to target different, more simplified use cases. Much of the functionality of Breeze/Acrobat Connect Pro is not present which makes the product easier to use for casual users. Hopefully when this product gets out of beta the free price will remain with an affordable cost for meetings with more than 3 people.

  2. Hey James, just so you know, InstantPresenter now supports Mac screen sharing through a Java plugin. You may want to give them another try. Best of luck!

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