Learning on the Wii

A MoLeNET colleague of mine has been playing working hard on seeing how the Nintendo Wii can be used to support learners.

Learning on the Wii



I’ve finally got round to buying some points and downloading Opera on my Wii. I’m excited by quite a few possibilities in its use for education, especially since some colleges I know have bought them to support learners in their Entry Level courses for the Learning for Living and Work projects.

From my perspective this device can be used for mobile learning in addition to learning in college.

For some learners this is their “mobile” device.

If learning while mobile means learning at home using a console, that has to be an advantage over “not” learning at home.

If I am at home learning on the net on my wifi capable Nokia N95 is that more or less mobile than learning on the net on my 17″ MacBook Pro on Brighton beach using the free Pier to Pier wireless network?

Do you have to be at Starbucks using their wifi for it to be mobile learning?

Surely it is all about choice, and learner choice at that?

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