I just want to do my stuff…

So there I was looking at my new Samsung Q1 Ultra and seeing how the graphics were working, working on a document and looking at a few things online, when I got called away. Knew I was only going to be a few minutes to just placed the Q1 on the desk and left.

I just want to do my stuff…

I came back to find that Windows Vista had decided (in my absence) to update Windows, restart, lose my wireless connection and then admit that it had lost the document I was working on and would I like to create a new one!

I do find this very frustrating, if I wanted the Q1 to run itself I would leave it switched on and never use it, however I want to use the Q1 to do stuff, create stuff, read stuff, reflect on stuff. I don’t want the Q1 to try and be nice and update itself in the middle of me doing stuff. I want to retain my wireless connection so I don’t lose my blog entry, or lose the thread of the online discussion I am involved in.

I don’t want software to continually nag me that I haven’t either set it up or registered it, or run it for a while, and I don’t want the software to do it in the middle of me doing stuff.

I don’t want the Q1 to download huge updates whilst I am trying to do stuff online, downloading will slow my internet connection, download updates while I am doing other non-online stuff such as making a cup of tea.

Please just let me do my stuff, don’t do your stuff and pretend mine isn’t important!

I just want to do my stuff…

One thought on “I just want to do my stuff…”

  1. I was just talking about this very thing with lilian and Dave Foord at lunchtime. Not Q1, but software updates taking over your WORK machine (disasterously in your case). It really irritates me when you MUST do this and that when it says and that there is no ‘in the backgorund’ option. I upgraded SMART just before Christrmas and it took over my machine for ages. It downloaded this and that and then had the nerve to tell me it was turjing my machine off!! It had already made me close my workign document because it was too stupid to upgrade while I was working ….


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