Creating Accessible Presentations

TechDis have published the third of their accessibility essentials guides. This third guide can tell you all you need to know about creating accessible presentations in PowerPoint.

As multimedia presentations are increasingly favoured as a means of delivering lectures, the importance of making them accessible to all learners becomes crucial. Software such as PowerPoint can present barriers to some learners, but it can also support others, and this Guide to Creating Accessible Presentations can show you how.

It has four sections:

  • Using Microsoft PowerPoint Accessibly within Teaching and Learning
  • Implementing Inclusive Practice
  • Delivering Presentations Inclusively
  • Good Practice in Providing Alternative Outputs to Support Accessibility

The guide also looks at the importance of making PowerPoint components accessible for others to re-use.

Check out the guide.

One thought on “Creating Accessible Presentations”

  1. I went to this site hoping I’d find some new information and was quite disappointed.
    This is a nice resource, however they’ve missed quite a few items that need to be considered when creating accessible PowerPoint files. There’s a tutorial on my website that can augment the info they have here to make it more complete (I do love their organization of the topic). excellent courses on this and other accessibility subjects.

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