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May the fourth be with you…

Back in 2014 I delivered a presentation at FOTE 14 about the dark and the light.

I used a Star Wars theme to describe how we like to take sides, but the reality is that we need to works together to solve problems and implement solutions.



e-Learning Stuff Podcast #091: Conversing about copyright

radio microphone

We converse about the current topics and issues in copyright in higher education.

With James Clay, Jane Secker and Chris Morrison.

This is the 91st e-Learning Stuff Podcast Conversing about copyright.

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Notes: We’re using a different hosting service for the podcast, so we don’t have the old embedded player. We still need to add it to the podcast feed, so not yet available in iTunes or through the podcast feed. We have now embedded the podcast and added it to the podcast feed, so will be available in iTunes.