e-Learning Stuff Podcast #091: Conversing about copyright

radio microphone

We converse about the current topics and issues in copyright in higher education.

With James Clay, Jane Secker and Chris Morrison.

This is the 91st e-Learning Stuff Podcast Conversing about copyright.

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Notes: We’re using a different hosting service for the podcast, so we don’t have the old embedded player. We still need to add it to the podcast feed, so not yet available in iTunes or through the podcast feed. We have now embedded the podcast and added it to the podcast feed, so will be available in iTunes.

One thought on “e-Learning Stuff Podcast #091: Conversing about copyright”

  1. Great conversation. I have shared with the faculty at my school.
    Yes, I frequently get notices from Google when I use clips of music and videos when I use Google Hangouts on Air to reach my remote students. I’m glad that you made the point that knowing your rights, and knowing that Google is employing an automated system to distribute the initial notices is important. They’re not evaluating content and it’s use to see if it’s appropriate, they’re just flagging recognized content, and it’s up to you to reply and tell them it’s a proper use.

    Also, a note on the microphones. The headsets are great, but the advantage you will get from a more traditional USB mic, like the Rode or one of Audio-Technica’s ATR line is that they will be directional (where the headset is usually Omni-directional) and so sounds from the keyboard and other activity around the office won’t get picked up as clearly.

    For a louder environment I like the ATR2100 dynamic USB, and for a quieter setting you get better sound quality from a condenser like the atr 2500.

    Thanks for all the great info you all share!

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