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Using NLN Materials as additional support material

Use NLN Materials to provide additional support to learners.

  • Use NLN materials in a similar vein to text book or reading list as additional support and resources for students. In my college we are able to provide ready-made-packages of NLN materials and weblinks which are ideal for this purpose.
  • Use NLN materials for differentiation (both less able and more able learners). Are you finding some learners need additional support or further extension, by providing access to extra materials, such as the NLN materials, you can provide a more indvidualised learning programme for your learners.
  • Use NLN materials to provide background for classroom delivery. You can use the NLN materials to provide background reading for a topic in the same way that you could use a chapter of a book, with the advanatage that the use of the materials is tracked and you don’t have to worry about having enough copies in the library.

Of course the NLN materials are just one way in which you can support learners, there are other e-resources and online materials which can provide additional support to learners in a similar way.

100 ways to use a VLE – #29 Homework or Home-based Study Task

You can use the VLE as a “home” for non-classroom based activities. These can be undertaken by students at home, in the library or at a time and place to suit the learner.

  • Add NLN Object into a package on the VLE and ask students to go through the object as preparation for the following week’s lesson.
  • Add NLN Object into a package on the VLE and ask students to go through the object as a homework task.
  • VLE will track student usage and assessments.
  • Use follow up activities to support homework task.