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Day 22: EdTech Metaphors

This post is part of the #JuneEdTechChallenge series.

Image by Gerhard Traschütz from Pixabay

I use metaphors a lot when I am discussing edtech or delivering training.

One example that others use which I blogged about was steering a supertanker…

The reality is that steering a supertanker is quite easy and they are in fact highly manoeuvrable, they have to be to dock at refineries and ports across the world.

Steering a supertanker…

Though I didn’t post these posts each day in June (and to be honest I didn’t post it each day on the Twitter either) except the final day, I have decided to retrospectively post blog posts about each of the challenges and back date them accordingly. There is sometimes more I want to say on the challenge then you can fit into 140 characters (well 280 these days).