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More audience #altc2011

I am writing some more reflective stuff on ALT-C, but wanted to post this about FE at ALT-C.

There has been a fair bit of coverage of day one of ALT-C by FE Week, a new publication for FE. Article and page spread.

Details of the winners of Learning Technologist of the Year 2011, would be nice to see some FE winners next year, so why not enter.

Blogs about ALT-C, a feed of blogs about ALT-C, this will expand as more people reflect on the conference.

I enjoyed ALT-C again this year. As well as going to keynotes and sessions I also spent a bit of time streaming live video with my experiment ALT Live Beta and here are some thoughts from Steve Wheeler.

Met a fair few people from FE, congrats to Claire Donlan from Middlesborough College who is now vice-chair of ALT.

Well done to Ellen Lessner who blogged about the event on behalf of LSIS TEN.

Was nice to meet Kieran from Sheffield College, Jo from Blackpool & Flyde College and Mel from Milton Keynes College. Good to see many old friends too, like Phil from Aberdeen College. Also met loads of people from HE, local and far away, good to meet Thom Cochrane from Auckland who I have known for many years, who incidentally won the best proceedings paper award.

ALT-C has so much to offer the FE sector.

Now I know (as you do, as do the others from FE who attended) that the first week in September can be busy for FE.

What I would like you to do, is look back over the week and ask yourself, how busy were you doing ILT stuff, and how much stuff were you doing that could have been done by others?

Could you have been not in college for one day perhaps?

Now is the time to decide if you can get out of college next year for ALT-C 2012. Talk to your manager now about what you actually did and how you wouldn’t really be missed if you attended probably the only and best learning technology conference currently happening.

I know how challenging it can be to get out of college for the four days of ALT-C, I know because I do it. Luckily I have a great team behind me. I did check my e-mail when I was away and to be honest there wasn’t much there as people were busy back at the college!.

If your place gets manic and people get all panicky, I would ask why are we always surprised by the fact that students arrive in September and as a result things get busy.

It’s not as though it happens every year is it…. oh!

A vision of FE in 2020

This is a vision of FE in 2020.

Stuart Edards of DIUS has said

Sion Simon, Minister for FE, has stated his ambition to see further education recognised nationally and internationally for its commitment to technology. We have now put together some simple statements on where things could be heading towards 2020 and how that compares with evidence of where the sector is overall at the moment. These build on discussions that we and our partners have had with experts within and outside the sector, with employers and with learners. They cover five main areas:

  • content and digital resources
  • blogosphere, social media, web 2
  • provider and workforce capability
  • learner experience
  • employers

So what is your vision for FE in 2020?