Still Socially Acceptable

I stopped using the Twitter in September. Though I still yet to delete my account, partly as I think one day, it might go back to what it was. Well one can dream. If I do look at the service, I come away disappointed and saddened.

The last conference I really used Twitter was ALT-C 2023.

I have been using Twitter at the ALT conferences since I joined Twitter in 2007. In 2010 I had said about the Twitter

Overall from my experience, Twitter has really added value to conferences I have attended and made them more joined up and much more a social affair. It has helped to build a real community, especially at ALT-C.

This year, not so much.

There hadn’t been a huge amount of engagement on Twitter at ALT-C 2022 so I didn’t have huge expectations.

Much of the online discussion that took place at ALT-C 2023 this year was on a Discord server, but it still wasn’t at the levels that I have seen in previous years.

I have seen a continual decline in the engagement with conference backchannels. I do wonder why this is?

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