Photographs from EDUtech Europe 2023

They have published the photographs from the EDUtech Europe 2023 conference at the Amsterdam RAI that I attended earlier this month.

As is usual I did not manage to avoid the photographer…

These photographs were from the Smart Campus session where I was discussing building the smart campus and what we understand by an intelligent campus.

I had been invited to participate in the Smart Campus panel session at EDUTech Europe 2023. I had proposed that in the discussion I would chat about the following.

    • How do we move from a smart campus to a smarter or intelligent campus? Bringing in more data sources to get deeper insights and understanding.
    • What are the ethical and privacy considerations we need to be aware of before building a smart campus? Do we need to consider algorithmic bias in our planning?
    • A campus does not exist in isolation, how could we integrate the smart campus into the smart city (or smart community).

Here I am doing a sketch note during a session on the pillars for a successful digital strategy.

Here is the sketch note.

On Thursday I was invited to participate in the Assessment panel session at EDUTech Europe 2023, after someone had dropped out.

This was an interesting session looking at the role of assessment.

There was also a drinks reception.

See all the photographs from the conference.

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