There was rain – Weeknote #192 – 4th November 2022

I did manage to get to the office in Bristol twice this week.

We had a team coaching session.

Had a planning meeting and catchup on transformative content scoping and ideas.

We had a meeting where we had a discussion on the  intelligent campus, climate change, net zero, estates, teaching and learning  We had a discussion on the financial aspects of this, the capex opex challenge and for example how the move from data centres to the cloud requires a change in funding approaches. We talked about the future challenges on how there is a need to influence the funding regime going forward.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I had a preparation call for a presentation I am giving next week at Learning Places Scotland. My presentation title and abstract.

How will the growth in online learning shape the future design of learning spaces and our campuses?

The physicality of online learning is an issue that will impact on university campuses as we move to a blended and hybrid programmes containing elements of online and digital learning and physical in-person learning.  This session will explore the challenges that growth in blended learning will bring to learning spaces and the university campus. What is required for, in terms of space for online learning, but will also consider the implications of delivering online teaching as well. Examples will be given of what universities are doing today to meet these challenges. The session will reflect on a possible future maximising the use of our space as students have the flexibility to learn online, in-person and across a spectrum of blended and hybrid possibilities.

I undertook some research, planning and development of my presentation.

Next week I have my Q1 Review, so I did some preparation and filled in the paperwork.

In the beginning of December I doing a keynote at Moving Target Digitalisation in Berlin. I have been reviewing and reflecting on my  presentation content, and undertaking research, planning and development. This is my  presentation abstract.

Making the transformation happen: The UK higher education digital transformation journey

The UK higher education sector has over the last three decades invested heavily in information technology, online solutions, digital services, resources and content. The aim has been to enhance and improve and reframe the student experience, to reimagine learning, teaching and assessment, and to transform the infrastructure, the university estate to enable and enhance this digital transformation. Across this, Jisc, the UK national research and education network, has been proving the infrastructure, security, advice and guidance to the UK higher education sector. In this keynote, James Clay Head of Higher Education and Student Experience at Jisc, will explore what we mean by digital transformation, what it means for students and why the UK higher education sector needs to deliver on their digital transformation journey. He will explore the UK experience over the last few years and how this has helped to accelerate the digital transformation journey, and will showcase exemplars from across the UK university sector. He will discuss how Jisc is supporting UK higher education and what are plans are for the future in enabling future digital transformation and what our colleagues can learn from our experiences and those of the UK higher education sector.

I was planning to attend an International & TNE Student Experience Meeting, however it was rescheduled.

I did a fair bit of planning and booking travel and accommodation. I don’t travel internationally very often, so I needed to work out how to get to Berlin from Weston.

My top tweet this week was this one.

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