Lost in translation: some thoughts

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I have over the last couple of years been working on a series of blog posts about translating existing teaching practices into online models of delivery.

One of the things I noticed as the education sector moved rapidly to remote delivery from March 2019, was the different models that people used. However what we did see a lot of was many people were translating their usual practices to an online version. 

As part of my work in looking at the challenges in delivering teaching remotely during the covid crisis period I have been reflecting on how teaching staff can translate their existing practice into new models of delivery that could result in better learning, but also have less of detrimental impact on staff an students.

The result was a series of blog posts covering a range of pedagogical and technology perspectives.

I got a lot of positive feedback on the posts and they have informed many of my presentations and other blog posts over the last two years.

Though covid has not gone away the ramifications and impact of covid and the lockdowns are still with us thirty months later.

Universities are wanting to utilise the experiences they had during the pandemic, to support the transformation of teaching, learning and assessment.

I have decided to continue with the series of blog posts and I also plan to update some of the earlier posts to reflect the current climate.

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