Working from home – Weeknote #152 – 28th January 2022

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

I had planned to go to work in the office this week. However in the end I worked from home all week. Pre-pandemic this would have been unusual, of course now this is more normal than not. What I hadn’t checked at the beginning of the week was who was going to be in the office. In the end I assumed that the office would be quite empty, actually in hindsight there were quite a few people in the office over the week. So next week, I might go into the office for at least one day, maybe two.

I found this Observer article on Working from home: how it changed us forever quite interesting. I feel working from home has changed quite radically how I work, who I work with as well as social dynamics. I am unsure how things will change over the next year or so. Catching covid in the autumn, despite being double vaccinated certainly made me wary of in-person interactions. Infection rates with omicron are still high and I am hearing many more stories of infection locally and across colleagues.

Spent much of the week working independently, with colleagues or with the consultant we’ve hired on a review of our team.

I have also been reflecting and reviewing our HE Sector Strategy implementation planning.

My top tweet this week was this one.

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