I’m back…. Weeknote #141 – 12th November 2021

I was off sick with covid for five weeks, but I’m back now. Not 100% fit and healthy, but I was back at work for most of the week restarting work on Wednesday.

There were hundreds of emails in my inbox and to be honest I moved them all to a folder and marked them as read. It’s one thing if you are off work for a few days, but as this was weeks, I doubt there was anything useful in there, without first having some kind of update and back to work interview. I also need to understand what my priorities are for the next few weeks.

Rather than focus on the minutiae of what I had missed I started reviewing the news and other sites that I had not been to while I was off sick. What had been happening in Higher Education whilst I was away.

Well lots to be honest…

I did write about the vaccine status of students and the potential impact this could have. There were many other stories out there as well.

I was also reminded from some incoming e-mails that I was supposed to be off to speak at a conference, a real live conference, at the SEC in Glasgow (the same place where COP26 is being held). I was going to be talking at Learning Spaces Scotland. However after chatting with my manager we decided I would have to pull out.

I am taking it slowly this week and probably next week. I have concerns about long covid, I still have the cough, aching joints and get tired quite quickly.

I did however go to our Bristol office this week, which was the first time since August. It was nice to be back working in that environment.

My top tweet this week was this one.

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