Day 3: Never go to a conference without…

This post is part of the #JuneEdTechChallenge series.

Across the many conferences I have attended one of the things I would usually take with me was a six way power gang!

Instead of fighting people for the power sockets, you can immediately make five friends! Also useful when you are back in your hotel room and need to charge the laptop, the phone, the iPod, use the hairdryer, etc…

More on that from 2010.

If I am attending a one day event, I might bring a two or three way adapter instead.

I usually find that I take too much stuff to conference and as a result I am always carrying a heavy bag. Sometimes this is because I want to work on the train as well as using a device at a conference itself.

Though I didn’t post these posts each day in June (and to be honest I didn’t post it each day on the Twitter either) except the final day, I have decided to retrospectively post blog posts about each of the challenges and back date them accordingly. There is sometimes more I want to say on the challenge then you can fit into 140 characters (well 280 these days).

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