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Over the past few years I have delivered many keynotes and presentations. One constant, well apart from the fact I prefer to use Keynote on the Mac, is my use of images. Some of these are mine, but many are creative commons licensed images from Flickr. I like Flickr, not just for a place to upload my photographs, but also as a place to find photographs.

It’s very easy to search for creative commons licensed images on Flickr, but getting to the advanced search is not the easiest route (or if it is I haven’t found it). So I usually add the direct URL as a bookmark or a favourite.


Make sure you tick the box “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content”.

As you can see from the blog post it is also very easy to embed images from Flickr into Sharepoint, webpages, Moodle pages or Google sites.

There are lots of images on Flickr, this one was used by a Law Lecturer teaching about theft.


I like this one for when I want a group to ask questions.

.: Any question??? :.

This one I use for Turnitin and Plagarism.

Pen en papier / Pen and paper

How are you and your learners using images for learning?

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