The Real Generation Gap

So how do people across different age groups use social media? An infographic that explores the differences in how various age groups use social media. As you might expect the teens do dominate social media, but it’s interesting to note that it is in the main adults who are using Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest.  This is certainly something to consider when using social media to support learning in a college environment.

The Real Generation Gap

2 thoughts on “The Real Generation Gap”

  1. It I’ve remembered correctly, that means the demographic of the usage of Twitter has just about reversed in approx 12 months, where it was largely 30+ who were using it a while back?

    If so, its perhaps worth remembering that it isn’t now (always) the young who lead adoption of new areas, and that any attempt to flock to where the audience is will always be doomed to be behind the curve in such a dynamic, shifting landscape. Hence being more important to pick the best tool for the job and not only be swayed by the latest fad. ?

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