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If I was doing one thing this week, the one thing I would be doing is attending the Mahara UK Conference. Alas I can’t go, but I have sent a member of my team.

One of the success stories this year at Gloucestershire College has been Mahara. Learners have been using it in a variety of ways for learning and assessment.

Teams really like how it can be used for many different purposes and one of the things I hope we can get from the Mahara conference is how other institutions and organisations are using Mahara with their learners.

So how are your learners using Mahara?

One thought on “Maharing It”

  1. We’ve been using it for several years for the Essential Skills Wales (Formerly Key Skills) qualifications. The learners find it massively confusing to start with but get used to it relatively quickly.

    Also a good indication or likely motivation is who swaps the default theme for something cooler!

    We haven’t really used it for anything other than directed work and evidence logging though.

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