The iPad Pedagogy Wheel

One question that often arises is how can I use this nice shiny iPad that you have given me to support teaching and learning?

In a previous blog post I talked about assessment and the importance of deeper and higher thinking skills. I mentioned in that post that using Bloom’s Taxonomy is one way of getting teachers to think differently about the type of questions they are asking of their learners.

When designing activities for learning, a taxonomy such as Bloom’s provides a framework that reminds of us how if we are to see learning taking place the types of thinking that needs to happen.

What the Padagogy Wheel does is provide ideas to learners (and staff) the kinds of apps that can support the different kinds of thinking and learning across Blooms.

The Padagogy Wheel

As learners and teachers think about how they are going to undertake the activities they want to do, this wheel provides ideas of which apps on the iPad could be used to support them.

Of course the iPad and apps would not be the only option open to the learners and that’s where the inner circles of the wheel will help those who don’t have, can’t use or don’t want to use the iPad.

The Padagogy Wheel by Allan Carrington is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.  Based on a work at

7 thoughts on “The iPad Pedagogy Wheel”

  1. Hi I’m Allan Carrington (@allanadl) the imagineer of the Padagogy Wheel and thanks for featuring it on your blog. I think your readers would appreciate reflecting on the latest version. How about Graduate Attributes, Motivation, Blooms Taxonomy, iPad Apps and finally the SAMR Model all come together in a helpful infographic.

    Have a look at The Padagogy Wheel The Story So Far ( In particular please read How to get the best use of the Wheel using “Grey-matter Grids” (

    I would appreciate people sharing examples for V4 – Its all about mapping. Ask yourself “What works best? Sieve everything you do through Attributes – Motivation – Blooms – SAMR. This will help you create transformational learning. Finally have a look at the excellent review at the Edudemic Blog (

    1. Hi Allan, it’s a great graphic.

      I do think the revised version is useful, however I much prefer the simpler version for many of the staff I work with. They may move onto the “deeper” version, but what works well with the simple version is that association between Bloom’s, Action Verbs, Activities and the relevant Apps. Simple and effective.


  2. Thank you James for featuring this, and Allan for showing the update..

    I currently banging my head against the wall as the powers to be in our organisation have bought some shiny things and then come to me to find the problem they have just solved!

    I guess I am not alone! I am hoping I am not the only one who has dropped into planet Earth!

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