Would you like fries with that?

I spoke at the UKSG e-Resources for FE event in London today.

Research from the University of Huddersfield shows that the number of visits to the library has an insignificant impact on learner achievement. However in the same study it was shown that students who took out more books, or used more e-resources achieved higher grades.

How can a library service engage learners who visit the library to utilise more of the resources available to them?

What strategies can be used to increase the use of e-resources and the lending of books?

Can we learn from major retailers, high street chains and other companies and implement their ideas into the library?

James Clay from Gloucestershire College discusses the strategies they have been using to increase the use of books and learning resources by learners.

4 thoughts on “Would you like fries with that?”

  1. Very good presentation and lots of good ideas. It was good to see that other libraries also have problems with students reading signage. I especially liked the use of QR codes and the signs with ‘Permitted Learning Area’ and ‘No swimming’!

    In my current post our library is on 2 floors and computer use is very heavy. We have 75 pcs on our upper floor and not many opportunities to engage with students on the desk due to large queues, but have used similar strategy when helping ESOL/Skills for Life learners find what they need.

    All in all a great presentation, many thanks!

  2. Uhm, is there supposed to be audio with this or something? I have to ask because slides alone are useless, and yet I see no way to make the audio play.

    The presentation looks nice, though. Good job.

    1. Sorry no audio, I didn’t get a chance to make a recording on the day. In the main the slides are here for the convenience of those who attended the event.

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