e-Learning Stuff Podcast #087 : Are you a glue sniffing, magic mushroom addict?

Old Books

What is the current landscape of ebooks in education? What is the future of ebooks? Where are we going?

With James Clay and Zak Mensah.

This is the 87th e-Learning Stuff Podcast, Are you a glue sniffing, magic mushroom addict?

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2 thoughts on “e-Learning Stuff Podcast #087 : Are you a glue sniffing, magic mushroom addict?”

  1. I enjoyed this podcast discussion, and agree with just about everything you both said about eBooks. I wanted to add something which I don’t think was mentioned (but as I was listening while walking my dog on a beautiful morning, my mind might have wandered off)…

    Recently I’ve bought two eBooks from two different sources (one in UK, one in Australia) and both have added my name and address to every page of the PDF! Plus for one of them I also have to enter my email address EVERTIME I open the PDF. I find this extremely annoying to say the least. I can understand their caution, but I do not intend posting the eBook I’ve paid money for anywhere on the web or even sending the whole thing to a colleague.

    What I find especially ridiculous about this practice is that it only took me a minute of searching on the Web (to see if others are complaining about this practice), to find dozens of suggestions for circumventing any security added to PDF files. So, anyone who wanted to could strip the security and do what they like with the files, however the uninformed buyer is left with enforced security on files which is very bothersome and restrictive.

    As eBooks gain in popularity this practice by publishers is only going to be stepped up, but I imagine like most things, the people wanting to circumvent anything like this will only ever be a heartbeat behind any new security. The only losers will be the hapless consumers!

    Another great podcast, thanks James!

    1. The problem with DRM is that it doesn’t stop piracy, it doesn’t stop copyright infringement, yes it may impact on casual infringement, but the main negative impact of DRM (as you have found out) is on the end user, the consumer.

      Thank you for the comment and thank you for listening.


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