Making the move to Moodle

There are a few presentations here at Moodlemoot about moving to Moodle, either from “nothing” or an alternative VLE. Listening as one does at a conference I was struck by how similar the issues that these institutions and organisations faced. They were also then same issues that other places have had moving to Moodle over the years.

The question I have, is how many did some research and found out what others did, or did they ignore the lessons of the past and rediscovered those issues for themselves. There is some value in that or is there?

Ask yourself, when you moved to Moodle did you ask others how they did it? Ask yourself did you find out the problems faced by others?

If you are in the process of upgrading to Moodle 2 have you done something similar? Do you know about the issues that others have had upgrading to Moodle 2?

If you moved sometime ago, or upgraded recentlyu, have you shared the problems and issues you faced?

If there is a to be a true Moodle community, then we need to share our problems and solutions as well as our successes.

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