ALT-C 2012 – Pilot Mentality

I am currently putting together an abstract for a debate at ALT-C on the value of pilots and projects. This is something I blogged about before.

The essence of the debate is spread across two viewpoints.

Pilots and projects represent value for money and are a valuable tool in evaluating, experimenting and reflecting on the use of new pedagogies and learning technologies. They are a key part of embedding organisational change.


Pilots and projects are an inefficient method for the mainstream adoption and embedding of new pedagogies and learning technologies. They are of little value to organisations and are often used as part of a cycle of funding rather than organisational change.

After posting my initial idea on the Twitter I think that this would be an interesting debate and builds on discussions in this area at previous conferences.

So where next?

Well we need a chair and a panel. I am hoping to speak about the inefficiencies of every organisation undertaking pilots and projects and the need to learn from the research and pilots undertaken elsewhere. I would like a varied panel, so if you are interested in taking part (and will be attending ALT-C 2012) let me know, either in the comments or Please note that you either need to be working in an FE or HE institution, or for one of the sector agencies such as JISC, CETIS, HEA, LSIS, etc…

So are you interested?

3 thoughts on “ALT-C 2012 – Pilot Mentality”

  1. Hi James,

    A nice idea and one that I’m sure will gather lots of momentum.

    Just a query about the need to belong to one of the establishments you mentioned? As a member of ALT but not a member of any of those organisations you listed would this preclude me from participating and if so, why?



    1. The “limitation” is my choice, and applies to the panel and chair only. Obviously anyone attending the conference (and if my abstract is accepted) can attend and participate in the symposium.

      My reasoning for limiting the panel is purely a personal choice and maintain the focus on funded projects and pilots in FE and HE.


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