A Mobile Learning Journey

I recently gave a presentation at an event about my mobile learning journey, here are the slides.

Of course one of the challenges with a Slideshare presentation is the lack of context and what I actually said. I think it demonstrates how a presentation in isolation is less useful than the presentation in its entirety. Something that practitioners needs to consider if they are uploading presentations to the VLE or using a service such as Slideshare. Of course you could upload an mp3 recording of the presentation, but that implies you did make a recording… alas I didn’t.

2 thoughts on “A Mobile Learning Journey”

  1. Make a Slidecast – -record an mp3 voice over to the slides, upload to Slideshare and sync. This i much better than a recording of a live event as it will be tailored to an online audience – and will get a lot more hits than the people present in the room for your talk.

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