Mobile Learning: Catalytic Change – Online Webinar

The recording of my online webinar is now available.

James Clay of Gloucestershire College will deliver an online seminar (webinar) on the implementation of mobile learning across a college. The session will consist of a definition of mobile learning, looking at learners, learning as well as devices. It will look at the issues of a whole college approach to mobile learning. The session will demonstrate how mobile learning can be used to improve teaching, learning and assessment.

Thank you to LSIS for funding the session and the JISC RSC SW for hosting the session.

6 thoughts on “Mobile Learning: Catalytic Change – Online Webinar”

  1. Great webinar, really useful. I wanted to share this with colleagues but unfortunately the link now seems to be broken, any chance you could restore it please?

  2. Am trying to access it through my computer. It worked fine for me the other day but not anymore. Maybe it’s just a temporary glitch at my end! Thanks for getting back to me.

  3. Hi James a belated well done I did listen this before but am now looking at getting all the outcomes from summer projects up on the EG. We’ll point to this url. Thanks again for your work on this what a bargain LSIS got here! See you soon I hope

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