e-Learning Stuff Podcast #077: I resign as mayor!

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So why has David Sugden resigned as mayor? Why do people use Foursquare and other geo-services? Is there any benefit to teaching and learning, if so what is it?

With David Sugden and James Clay

This is the seventy seventh e-Learning Stuff Podcast, I resign as mayor!

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4 thoughts on “e-Learning Stuff Podcast #077: I resign as mayor!”

  1. Well, this is quite topical as my latest blog post is all about FS and how it could be used in education, and getting students outside. You have, however, made me think twice about it and whether I want to continue with it.

    I am also using it like a game that has become boring and monotonous recently. However, I will stick with it in the hope that what is offered by the system and by the participating organisations improves. I have a sinking feeling that it will not improve enough to make it something we can easily incorporate into student activities.

    All the best, David.

  2. Hi James – I too have finally given up on FS. I may check-in to a location every now and then, usually when I post a photo through Instagram, but I’ve not been bothered with the endless checking-in needed for FourSquare.

    Like you I still find myself mayor of places that I’ve fought to be mayor of for a while, so perhaps many other people are leaving FS as well?

    All the best, David

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