100 ways to use a VLE – #31 Providing a schedule

Often you will need to provide your learners with a schedule. It may be a schedule for a series of presentations, tutorials, or a field trip.

Yes you can provide it to them on paper or send them an e-mail. There are a few advantages in placing the schedule on the VLE.

Firstly, if there is a need to update or change the schedule, then this can be done quickly and easily on the VLE. You may be able to, depending on the tool you use, after updating the schedule, let the learners know that the schedule has been updated. So if learners access the schedule on the VLE, they’re going to know that this is the definitive and most accurate schedule.

Learners may have questions about the schedule and as a result they could post questions about the schedule to the VLE. Staff can reply and other learners who had a similar question will be able to see the responses. This can save time for both staff and learners.

Any activities and resources that are required can be placed on the VLE and linked to from the schedule on the VLE, making it much easier for learners to ensure they have everything they need and have done all the documentation.

If you need to provide a schedule, as well as the usual channels, also ensure it gets placed on the VLE.

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