100 ways to use a VLE – #81 Embedding a social bookmarking tag cloud

I was once a Business Studies and Economics lecturer and I taught the subject for many years. I use to at that time use a range of learning technologies, which at the time was quite innovative, but today would be considered old hat or even backwards.

One thing though that I did use quite early on was the web and got my learners to use it to find useful news stories and share them in class. I would then collate those links and share them on our “learning platform” which at the time was simply a website I had created…

Now today there are a wealth of social bookmarking sites out there such as Delicious, Diigo which make this really easy. Students can save their website links, tag them and using a shared tag these can be easily seen by others on the course.

You can also create a tag cloud from these links and embed them into the VLE. This then allows learners to access all those links based on the tags, simply by clicking the tag.

This cloud is a live cloud, so will update automatically as new bookmarks are added, or additional tags added to existing bookmarks.

This also adds a visual hook to learners on the keywords for their course and their studies.

Practitioners can of course create their own bookmarks and tag them accordingly for their learners.

Practitioners across a curriculum area can also bookmark useful websites, tag them and share them.

Practitioners from different institutions could also share their bookmarks and embed the tag cloud in their own respective institutional VLEs.

Tag clouds are a different yet simple way of sharing a series of bookmarks. However they are dependent on users tagging their bookmarks with relevant tags.

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  1. Hi James
    We currently do just this thing using Delicious, however as the fututre of Delicious is a bit uncertain I’m looking at alternatives. So far Diigo does look good, I wondered if you had any other suggestions?

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