100 ways to use a VLE – #16 Student college handbook

One of the things that Ofsted often look for when inspecting a college is a handbook for learners.

The idea behind the handbook is to provide students with all the information they are going to need for college and to provide help and guidance while at college.

In the past this may have (and may still well be) a physical handbook. Today much more likely to be an electronic Word document that may well be uploaded to the VLE. This will probably be referenced once by the learners and possibly ignored for the rest of their time in college, which is a pity.

By using something like the Book module on Moodle, it would be possible for the student to have much more accessible college handbook, one that has live links and could also use audio and video to enhance and enrich the information. Why have a written overview of the college, why not create an audio recording? Instead of pen pictures of where students go after college, why not video recordings of past students? Ensure all relevant staff have a video of who they are and what they do. Make it “live” with the use of RSS to embed news, podcasts and information. A live handbook that changes over the year.

Making it real and more relevant to the learners.

Handbooks often are “ignored” by learners, by making reference to the online version on the VLE, a college can ensure that the help and advice is referred to on a more regular basis. Using logs will ensure that more detailed analysis of use is possible. Also by placing additional content and information on the VLE it may result in an increase in the use of the VLE by learners for learning if they are using it to access information.

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