100 ways to use a VLE – #64 Text

There are many snazzy ways in which to use a VLE, with video, interactivity, discussion, images, audio and diagrams. Within this wealth of colour and noise we mustn’t forget the impact and power of simple text.

No I am not talking about uploading a Word document either. Most VLEs have the facility to create simple pages with text on them. It is this I am referring to when thinking about using text on the VLE.

A quote.

A poem.

A news article.

The power of the word should never be underestimated and the impact it can have on learners and learning.

One thought on “100 ways to use a VLE – #64 Text”

  1. Are you insane, I must be able to tinker with my formatting endlessly, without understanding stylesheets. I must have master documents, advanced form filling capabilities. And a gazilioin features I’ll never use, or even begin to understand

    I absolutely demand that I have an advance programming language to obscure the fact that I’ve really no content of worth.

    Plain text, there’s no place to hide, content is king.

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