Using my iPad

Today I was in London for a Becta TEN event at the Apple offices. I decided that I would rely on just my iPad and not take a laptop with me. The lighter bag was certainly welcome.

On the train up I did some writing on the iPad using the on screen keyboard, which considering the small tables on the First Great Western trains means the iPad is not too big and certainly usable over a large or even a smaller 13″ laptop.

At the event itself I easily joined the Apple wireless network and decided to switch to my Bluetooth keyboard.

It was then very easy to add to the event via Twitter and check URLs and websites.

The battery lasted the day and the train to and from the event.

Overall another successful outing for the iPad.

4 thoughts on “Using my iPad”

  1. This is a good and proper experiment. I have seen a few ppl at conferences with their iPads and then suddenly the MBP materialises. What? Why? I bought my eldest an iPad for his 18th to go to uni with. He loves it but I realised it wasn’t enough so I have had to source him a reconditioned PC to hide in the corner. The iPad is a mobile machine, and a decent home machine for certain activities, but computer dependent.

    It is interesting to see where it can be depended upon to fulfil requirements.

    1. If I was going to a longer conference, I would also take a laptop, not to use during the conference, but in the evenings for video and audio editing.

  2. Hi James,

    I’ve been using an iPad I got in the USA (and reporting on Ariadne: v impressed, esp when you look around for good apps (more on this and the ‘Missing manual’ in next Ariadne’.

    related to this is

    using netbooks in the field (where ‘field’ is any educational space). You might well be interested in this and linking in to the project>

    best wishes


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