iPhone 4 issues

So is the iPhone antenna issue real?

Well this is my iPhone 4 and me.

Is the issue really worth all the column inches, rolls of film, metres of video tape?

To be honest no!

This is an issue with the iPhone and every phone I have ever used has had issues.

I had an LG Viewty that would just crash and the only way to reset was to remove and replace the battery.

I had a Sony Ericsson that would turn itself off when it felt like it.

I have a Google Nexus One that every so often decides that it can’t find the wifi or the 3G network and needs to be rebooted. Sometimes the screen won’t unlock unless you reboot. If you use it for watching video or similar and it gets too hot, then the touchscreen stops working!

All phones have their issues and problems.

So would I recommend the iPhone 4?

Yes I would.

Would I recommend the Nexus One?

Yes I would?

Would I recomend the LG Viewty?


2 thoughts on “iPhone 4 issues”

  1. would I recommend the HTC Desire? Well yes I would – and you’re absolutely right. Every phone I’ve owned has had its foibles. Seems to me, most have been over ambitious in what they think they can do on a day in day out basis. I’m planning on blogging the fun and inevitable tears of owning the android. First painful text entry can be see here http://simfin.wordpress.com/more/the-android-chronicles/

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